C o n t a c t  u s                                                                                               C o r p o r a t e  r e w a r d s
Sales Policies and Procedures for
Customers Residing Outside Canada



Sales Terms
  1. Method of Payment : All orders must be paid in advance before the goods are released for shipment. Only direct bank transfers are accepted. We do not accept credit cards.
  2. Transport : Shipping, handling, custom duties and insurance costs are added to the proforma invoice. We cannot be held responsible for confiscation of goods, should it occur for any reason, as well as restrictions and regulations in the country of destination. The client must advise us of any specially required documents at the time of the order. Any fees, taxes or charges occuring once the goods arrive in the destination country is the responsibility of the buyer. Merchandise must be inspected upon arrival. No claim will be accepted after 10 days following the reception date of the goods.
  3. Merchandise Return : Only defective merchandise can be returned. All freight must be pre-paid when returning defective or damaged goods. We do not accept "collect-freight" parcels. All returns must be accompanied by invoice date and number.

Procedures for Obtaining a Quotation

  1. Select the watch styles you like from our on-line watch catalog. (Please note that the reference corresponds exactly to the picture shown. While some watch models are shipped standard with leather or metal band, some particular models can accept either one and can easily be modified at the customer's store.)
  2. Download, print and fill out our Quotation Request Form and fax it to our office. (Please note that we do not provide pricing via email and that the Quotation Request Form MUST be filled out thoroughly with name, address, telephone number and fax in order to receive a quotation.)
  3. Upon receipt of the Quotation Request Form, we will generate a proforma invoice, valid for 10 days, that will indicate the prices of the selected goods, the cost of shipping, handling, custom duties (where applicable) and insurance. Depending on the value of the order, we are able to quote the costs of shipping through Fedex, UPS, Canada Post or other major transport companies. If the total value of the order exceeds the limits of conventional transport companies, we will quote the costs of our freight-forwarding company.
  4. Upon evaluation of the proforma invoice, you may decline or accept the quotation. If you accept, you must sign and date the proforma invoice and fax it back to us. We will then provide you with the necessary information to initiate a direct bank transfer of the total amount to our bank account. Once the transaction is confirmed by our bank, we promptly ship the goods.
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