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Tribute to your employees

The most recent discoveries in the field of technology has rendered man’s work more valuable than ever before. Human capital has become the most important asset in your balance sheet.

A manager who has recognized this evolution grants his staff various social benefits: adjustments of salaries to the cost of living, pension funds, insurance, etc. But these benefits are often available to everyone. What is impressive is what is given on an individual basis. An employee who is congratulated by management feels that his work is valued. He is encouraged. He stays on.

It has been said that a firm is worth what its staff is worth. No doubt you will find that there is no shortage of opportunities to acknowledge their work. Valima therefore would like to suggest an original mark of appreciation :

a dedicated watch with a personal engraving and/or a customized dial with your company logo.

In the eyes of your collaborator, this personally customized gift will always be a reward of which he will be proud of. A thoughtful souvenir. A tribute which will bring him pleasure for many years.

Tribute to your clients!
For the year-end festivities, for the launching of a new product, for a birthday or for noting a successful sales venture, you have probably often asked yourself how you could show your gratitude to your most faithful clients.
Why not offer the gift of a high-quality Swiss watch? – It is a prestige gift, a gift that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.
Functional, classical, modern or traditional, every Valima watch incorporates the qualities which have made the name famous for its cost-quality ratio. When you choose Valima, you can be sure of offering the best, both in quality and prestige.

Services available
- Logo Creation
- Development of Special Dials (Relief)
- On-site Engraving Capabilities
- Watches Customized to your Organization (minimum order)

How to choose a watch

We have well over 160 different styles of Swiss watches for gents and ladies. Some watches are equipped with Bralux metal bands, while other are equipped with genuine Bralux leather.

Some are waterproof others are not. Some are for nurses, some are for railroad professionals. The point is, we have lots of watches but many of them can be eliminated from the picture through the process of elimination. The first question you have to ask yourself is "how much can I spend...what is my budget?" Once you've answered this question, your next one is "do I need watches for ladies or gents or both?" Then we recommend that you visit www.valima.com and browse through the different styles available. If you really want personalized service, you can also choose to call us directly and speak to one of our sales representative who will ask you some questions and will then make recommendations. If you do not find a suitable watch on our website, please let us know so that we can make further recommendations.

The watch industry is unlike any other industry in modern society. It is a rare industry where fashion, style and technology have merged many generations ago making the watch, as a consumer good, one of the most daunting of products to acquire. Indeed, there is nothing common about buying a watch nowadays. With the magnitude of technologies that go into a finely crafted time instrument, the acquisition of such an instrument can be a long and tedious one. For this reason, you can always count on us to help select a watch.

How to order

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-361-1623 outside of Montréal or (514) 845-2259 in Montreal and area.

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