A b o u t  V a l i m a
An Introduction to Valima

Available exclusively in Canada through a specialized network of authorized retailers, Valima prides itself in offering the best choice in a quality/price ratio. This fresh and unique Swiss brand was introduced onto the Canadian scene in the early 1960s by a Swiss immigrant with a deep passion for the quality found in the Swiss watch industry.

Valima is a classic watch line and unique not only for its legendary quality, but also for its quality/price ratio. Unlike many mainstream brands on the market today, Valima has not spent a high percentage value on national advertising, accompanying golf shirts, and other peripheral accessories which are always computed into the consumer price. Valima has fashioned its place onto the market by engaging in selective and controlled marketing programs. It has thus allowed itself to keep the focus on quality and affordability. With prices often as low as 70% less than other brands, Valima has been able to offer features normally found in much higher priced watches. Hence, a superior quality/price ratio is achieved.

With a handsome collection of over 270 different styles, Valima offers the latest in technological marvels. Whether you are looking for a classic 14kt or 18kt gold handcrafted timepiece, a traditional high-micron gold- or palladium-plated case, an unscratchable tungsten-carbide case and bracelet, or a space-age solid titanium featherweight sports watch, you’ll find it all in Valima’s extensive collection. This is only one of the reasons why for many years now, Valima’s top-notch watches have been standard equipment with the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific Railway’s inspectors and employees. Other large corporations such as Bombardier, CHUM, Desjardins as well as various Police Associations have chosen Valima to gratify employees with many dedicated years of service.

What makes Valima stand apart

Valima stands apart on two fronts. First, in terms of quality workmanship. Valima watches offer the same excellent craftmanship as many of the popular Swiss brands introduced in Europe in the 1800s, but without the Hollywood star endorsements. For the consumer, the most important thing will always remain the finest and the most at the best price. When acquiring a Valima watch, you can rest assured that the vast majority of the price goes into quality craftmanship, not national advertising campaigns, large sponsorships or endorsements which always increases the retail price of the watch. Second, because Valima covers the new trends on the market and because it is one of the few watch brands today to offer such a wide variety of features in a single watch line without affecting its affordability, Valima is truly a watch brand for all and for all seasons.

Why buy a Valima over other brands

Valima has had the same distributor across Canada for more than 40 years. Because of this long standing expertise in Swiss watch quality, the Valima Service Centre has also been appointed by reknown Swiss manufacturers such as Cyma, Dunhill, Emile Péquignet, Boegli, B-Watch, Candino, and Saro-Gem to serve the Canadian market under their international after-sales warranty as well as out-of-warranty servicing. Since the Valima Service Centre is also the Canadian centre for Valima parts, you are assured a prompt and highly qualified after-sales service practically unmatched in Canada.

The Valima Service Centre prides itself on being the total solution centre for consumers and jewellers alike. It offers many valuable advantages such as special promotional dials; custom, hard-to-find bands; logo printing and engraving; and private label printing for retail jewellery stores. The Valima Service Centre is an important and indispensable asset to the Valima line of watches.

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